About Us

After over 35 years of practice in the field of drug and alcohol treatment Dr. Morris Halperin and his team have decided to launch their own web site.
He has decided to do this because he feels that he presents a set of skills and training that is unique in the rehab landscape.
He sees an increase in the need for expertise in assisting individuals and families in crisis due to drug and alcohol addiction problems.
He also has seen the devastation caused to companies and employers when drug and alcohol addiction problems are not adequately addressed.

He firmly believes that there are entirely too many untrained persons offering services to the public.

He understands that people want some accountability and trust in the professionals they rely on for advice and treatment of themselves and their family members.

Trust your life to trained professionals


is a group of licensed professionals highly qualified to help you.


has helped thousands of people in exactly the same situation you are in.


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