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      Our modern world of problems is not geographically limited and neither are our treatment options. People live and work in multiple locations and need options that match their lifestyles and their needs. The idea that help can only be found within driving distance of your home simply does not match the needs of our modern population.

      Halperin Health and wellness Group has a flexible outlook on providing services. We are available for remote consultations and treatment in-home, at work and through Telemedicine services. We are available for worldwide, onsite consultation and individualized services. Whatever you need we can come to you to help you.

      Financial flexibility is a frequent need of our population.

      For patients or families desiring a monthly subscription model instead of a fixed fee for service model, Halperin Health and Wellness Group offers multiple plans adapted to each person’s needs. Once a thorough assessment is completed, we can work out numerous options for treatment and for payment.

      Since healthcare needs are often not ongoing, we offer financing options to pay for our help. We are committed to working with you to help solve your problems, not generate more problems.

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