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      We treat Stress related issues in a complete manner.

      Stress Management, Personal Growth, and Life Enhancement.

      Stress Management Counselor Agoura Hills CA
      • Your Initial contact with us, where we discuss your needs.
      • Full assessment and clarification of clinical needs and desires.
      • Reommendation for treatment including Psychotherapy and referrals for additional treatment.
      • Case management.
      • Assessment of goals and progress.
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      Crippling stress

      So many people are crippled by daily stress and difficulties navigating their way around our complicated and chaotic world. Unfortunately, insurance companies and the traditional mental health community do not recognize, nor do they support, adequate solutions to these life problems.

      Most stress-related issues are treated with medication targeted only at symptoms. Benefits are limited. We have experience in understanding all aspects of the challenges facing us in these troubled times and providing the correct multi-dimensional treatment needed.

      People need, not only solutions to immediate symptoms but a long-term approach that will satisfy their growing need for resolution and growth.

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      Help figuring out what is wrong

      So many people try to reach out for help and do not know where to turn. They may not have identified psychiatric or addiction problems but they know that there is something wrong in their lives and have no-where to turn.

      They are unhappy, overwhelmed, or have a specific problem in their lives that they do not think qualifies as a formal psychiatric or addiction problem. They still need help. They may have reached out to their family doctor or their insurance company with no satisfactory response.

      We are available to help with these problems. We can help clarify what is missing or wrong in a person’s life and make the appropriate decision for treatment with them.

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      Personal growth

      Many people desire personal growth or a new direction in their life but are unclear about how to express and approach those changes. So many people are unhappy with their lives and the direction they are taking but are unable to understand or express what is wrong or missing. They find themselves reaching out for help but are unable to find someone who understands their needs.

      We understand the needs of people who are unhappy and want to move forward with their lives.

      Most importantly, they need to understand the direction and be the driver of the solutions to their problems. We provide that approach.

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      A new outlook on life

      With my many years of experience I can help clarify and direct people to the new outlook and life enhancement they desire.

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