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      Corporate Wellness and Media Relations Services Agoura Hills CA

      Corporate Wellness Services Agoura Hills CA

      Corporate and Business Consulting, Corporate Wellness and Media Relations

      Many corporations and businesses have increasing work and employee-related problems associated with stress, addictions, mental health, and family issues that interfere with employee attendance and productivity. A long history of piecemeal reactive interventions has left the most business with few effective options that ultimately solve problems.

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      Consultation and corporate wellness

      Our strategic approach includes overall corporate planning in advance of any problems being detected. We can train staff, including supervisory and H. R. staff, to create a comprehensive method to identify and intervene in any problematic situation with employees. We can teach you how to identify potential substance abuse or mood-related situations in the workplace.

      We subsequently interface and manage all interventions along with an appropriate return to work long-term planning and treatment.

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      Employee relations

      We have extensive education and training in business functioning and corporate relations and bring our extensive experience in Psychological assessment, diagnosis, and strategic planning to the workplace.

      We have a history of consulting with large and small businesses in working with immediate crises. We have provided strategic planning in multiple workplaces to address employee problems. We have worked with major unions and healthcare providers.

      Our services include international capabilities for consultations.

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      Media relations

      Dr. Halperin has been a media presence both live and online for many years. He is available for media presentations and commentary internationally.

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