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      Psychiatric challenges and treatment, Depression, Mood disorders and Bi-polar disorders.

      • Bi-polar disorders
      • Mania disorders
      • Depressive disorders
      • Rage disorders
      • Behavioral disorders
      • Dual diagnosis disorders
      • Suicidal and self-injurious behaviors
      • Elderly mental health issues
      • Eating disorders
      • Chronic pain
      • Psychiatric hospitalization and aftercare

      Most people undergoing treatment for mood disorders are utilizing a limited approach that usually and, possibly exclusively, encompasses medications with minimal attention to other psychological and social treatments.

      Patients with mood based, mood dysregulation disorders or depression-based disorders only receive periodic medication management with little ongoing day to day involvement from their treating professional. If they do participate in some type of therapy, it is usually with a professional lacking in a deeper understanding of the patient’s problems. Therapy, if offered, is almost always short-term symptom focused treatment.

      The result is frequent changing of doctors or therapists which leads to a downward spiral of defeat and failure. Often, treatment must be approved in advance through the involvement of insurance company personnel who are not personally involved with the patient or their family.

      Families do not know where to turn.

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      Comprehensive case management

      Our approach goes far beyond medication management or conventional therapies to over-all life-management issues.

      We have over 40 years consulting with and treating individuals and families with depression, mood and bi-polar disorders. We have consulted with numerous Psychiatrists in order to assist in medication selection and to provide crucial back-up information to assist in successful treatment outcomes.

      So many people with mood and bi-polar disorder are difficult to treat due to the need to manage a wide range of family, job and behavioral issues. We have the experience to go far beyond other treating professional to manage the entire range of the individual’s and families’ life issues.

      Further, because many bi-polar individuals are resistant to taking their medication, support is needed to help them comply with the medication that may save their lives. We can provide that support.

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      Other psychiatric problems

      Dr. Halperin has over 40 years working with individuals with every type of complicated psychological problem. He understands how difficult it is to find lasting help. He also understands the complicated and intertwined landscape of emotional pain. He can help.

      Many families have elderly members who need mental health support. Halperin Health and Wellness Group can help.

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      Special needs

      Patients with Dual Diagnoses, addictive and mental health problems combined, present a special set of problems that allude most professionals. Dr. Halperin, with over 40 years of experience treating addiction and mental health issues, understands the needs of this population and what is needed to help these people attain a fully functioning life. He can help navigate treatment for both problem areas together.

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