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      Detox and Recovery Management Agoura Hills CA

      We provide Detox, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive out-patient, out-patient, and in-home substance abuse treatment, and Recovery Management.

      Detox Center Agoura Hills CA
      • Determining if you or a loved one has an addiction problem.
      • Initial contact and consultation
      • Assessment and strategic plan.
      • Intervention and/or referral.
      • Case management of treatment.
      • Case management of return to work/family.
      • Ongoing treatment, consultation, and case management.
      • Recovery management.
      • Anti-craving medication including Vivitrol
      • Sober companions for travel
      • Travel arrangements.
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      Extensive experience with all substances

      Dr. Halperin has extensive experience treating patients of all ages addicted to Alcohol, Heroin, and other opiates and painkillers including Fentanyl, Cocaine, Inhalants, Marijuana, Meth., Xanax, and other benzodiazepines. He understands the unique needs of patients as well as the needs and benefits of each different level of care.

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      What is right for you

      Referring someone for detox and follow-up care is not a simple matter. Many people with substance abuse problems are not convinced that they need detox or to go to a residential treatment facility. There needs to be a plan set up with the family that not only includes where and how the person will go for treatment but also a compelling presentation with comprehensive planning on the entire course of treatment.

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      Overcoming treatment failure

      The field of substance recovery is filled with treatment failures. People who either will not go for treatment in the beginning, or more commonly, people who do well during a couple of weeks in treatment only to quickly relapse upon return to an unplanned home environment. Our approach is to develop planning and strategy upon the initial contact to obtain the best results. Some people are simply not ready in the beginning. There needs to be a plan and presentation for success to even have a chance. Our approach also does not end at the referral.

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      Referral and supervision

      After establishing a comfortable and trusting relationship with the person with needs, we treat or refer them for treatment followed by close supervision of the treatment interacting constantly with the doctors and treatment team. We never refer anyone for treatment without first having a long-term plan for their treatment.

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      Long term success

      With over 40 years working in the field, Dr. Halperin knows exactly what is needed for long-term success and manages the entire case including family interactions, medical interactions, job, finances, legal issues, and every other aspect of the person’s life. No one should feel left out on a limb. There should be constant understanding and support.

      We know how to help you attain success.

      We have assembled a team of experts in their respective fields with whom Dr. Halperin has comfortably worked for years. There is no finer team around.

      For those who cannot or will not go to any type of hospital or facility for help we provide comprehensive in-home, or other off-site location, treatment of all levels of care including medical detox by licensed physicians and nurses, follow-up treatment, sober coaching, medication management, and psychotherapy.

      For those who need to travel we provide travel planning along with sober companions, security details, travel plans, and scheduling.

      We can also provide and manage anti-craving medication including Vivitrol, Naltrexone, and Antabuse.

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