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      Our Philosophy

      Greater access to individualized care

      We live in challenging times. There has been an alarming increase in life, mental health, or addiction issues over which people simply cannot gain control. Many people are confronted with legal or court-related issues that are confusing and overwhelming at best.

      You have sought us out because you need help. Help is here for you. Problems show no boundaries, and neither do we.

      We provide or help you find the treatment you need. Whether it is addiction-based, depression based, or just an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, We are here to help. We have the experience to provide the help you need.

      Many people are anxious, confused, and do not know where to turn. You can turn to us.

      We can help you with addictions to alcohol, opiates, including fentanyl, benzos, cocaine, as well as bipolar illnesses and depression.

      We can help you with life-threatening emotional problems.

      Case Management and Life Management

      Our goal is to provide a new level of treatment we call Case Management, or Life Management.

      In his 40-plus years of clinical Psychology work, Dr. Halperin has found that the cause of recidivism is, more often than not, the lack of a proper individualized support system with attention to the mastery of living skills needed that lead to success.

      Failure of conventional referral sources

      Access to care and solutions are inhibited by the inability to find the right care, the right caregiver, or figure out a way to get those who have needed into the type of treatment that is best for them. This is especially true with young people and is further focused on those with substance abuse problems. Many parents are confronted with children who need help but are unwilling to allow themselves to get the help they need.

      Simply going to treatment for a few weeks is not enough. After detox or residential treatment, the person with addiction problems returns to a life without any success skills in it. Patients with mental health issues face the same dilemma. They simply do not have the skills to navigate life. Follow-up treatment is limited and often of little help. They need more help than is being offered.

      Mood and Stress disorders

      The person with mood disorders, stress disorders or trauma finds themselves referred simply for medication or limited therapy and gain no further understanding of the skills needed to overcome their problems.

      Third party control of your life

      Almost all treatment today is controlled by insurance companies who demand short-term, symptom-focused, limited treatment. Almost all patients are left without a full resolution of their problems.

      We believe that people need treatment focused on their needs, not the profitability of a third party with the limited treatment available to them.

      Clinical approaches based upon individualized patient needs are the only effective forms of treatment that lead to successful outcomes.

      Unfortunately, most treatments these days are based on models that are not specific to each individual’s needs and are never long enough to address the lifestyle changes needed to reach some satisfactory resolution.

      People who reach out for help need a comprehensive approach to their issues that encompass all aspects of their lives.

      We have assembled a team of highly trained and qualified professionals to help people navigate all aspects of mental health, addiction, stress, trauma, and lifestyle help.

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