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      Agoura Hills, CA 90036

      Services and Fees

      All services are individualized and tailored to the needs of the family, individual or corporation.

      Initial phone or telemedicine consultation-is complementary

      Psychotherapy and consultations are usually billed by the hour with an advance retainer.

      Services in-home, interventions and corporate consulting are billed as above along with travel time and accommodations, if applicable.

      Reports and court appearances are billed as above.

      Subscription services are available for most services.

      Insurance reimbursement

      Some of the above services may be reimbursed in-part by the patient’s insurance plan.

      We are not currently contracting with any insurance companies, thus our services that are covered by insurance will be treated as out of network and will be reimbursed as such.

      We work for you and make decisions based upon what is best for you, not your insurance company.

      We will be happy to consult regarding your insurance company reimbursement and bill your insurance company for you at no charge.

      Some of our services may not be recognized by insurance companies as within the scope of what they define as “medically necessary treatment” and not be reimbursed at all. We will work with families to help maximize any type of reimbursement that may be available.

      Our treatment is based upon what is needed by the patient and family and not what is defined by insurance company guidelines. Many professionals are dictated to by the insurance companies and strictly follow guidelines.

      We work for you.

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