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      Our services are strictly confidential.

      Dr. Halperin has been a licensed Psychologist for over 40 years. He strongly follows and adheres to strict rules of confidentiality as stated by The American Psychological Association, Federal and State governments and accepted practices.

      No information about any person involved will be shared with anyone except for pertinent clinical and demographic information in order to facilitate the treatment, with a proper release from the patient in advance. This disclosure will only be conducted following a comprehensive informed release by all affected parties. All information will be carefully safeguarded according to HIPAA rules.

      This website and all of the contents contained therein are not to be construed as participating in the practice of psychology or of giving any type of psychological advice or guarantees. The contents of this website are only for education purposes. Factual verification is not guaranteed. No statements in this website are proposed to comment on any other persons, institutions, professional or otherwise, of agencies or entities in any manner, either positively or negatively. Dr. Halperin is not responsible for advice or statements taken or inferred from this website.

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