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      Contact and assessment

      When the individual, family or loved one or company reaches out to us, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation with the referral person, or company, who may not necessarily be the patient. This is important to understand the global context of the situation.

      We then conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the focused patient. Following that we, as a team, develop a strategic plan to approach the problems, not just getting the problem person into treatment, but a plan that encompasses extensive follow-up with the family, possibly for years to come.

      With individuals we use the same system, focusing on the long-term goals that will lead to long-term success. Our plan addresses multiple areas of the person’s life, not just the presenting symptom.


      Appropriate referrals

      So often an intervention or referral is made while the problem person is still not fully committed to recovery. They may not agree to treatment, or, may go along with the referral to treatment in a non-committed manner. This invariably results in a treatment failure that sets a negative tone for future attempts to provide help.

      Failure is a downward spiral. It is very important to make every attempt to assure that initial attempts at treatment are successful. On the other side of this coin are the numerous patients who have had so much treatment that essentially everyone has given up on them and they are labeled chronic and beyond help.

      At Halperin Health and Wellness Group our team, with years of experience and expertise, is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of these individuals and families and able to provide solutions that work.


      Strategic case management

      We believe that the initial and subsequent attempts at treatment should be conducted with a strategic plan in mind that goes further than a simple referral. It must target the overall life problems of the person and their environment.

      Individuals who have had extensive treatment experiences pose a different challenge, but the overriding model remains the same.

      We not only refer the person in need of treatment, but our team will oversee all aspects of treatment and continue working with them long after the initial treatment is completed. Our approach focuses on re-integration into life encompassing not only sobriety, but also employment, school, family relations, budgeting, legal, marital, and child relations, and any other aspect of the client’s life that is the underlying reason, or consequences of addiction problems.

      We have found that any intervention, from a referral to detox to long-term psychotherapy, has historically been less effective due to many overriding social and cultural factors. Clients with needs now have far more areas of concern than were recognized 20 years ago.

      Interventions must now focus more on the entire universe of the person’s life and not just one symptom. We furnish that overall comprehensive management that is a far superior approach to addictions, mood disorders, and other life problems.

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