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      Parent—Child, Families and Court Related Services Agoura Hills CA

      Family Counseling Agoura Hills CA

      Parent-Child, Families, and Court-related services.

      • Parent child counseling
      • Parenting treatment and information
      • Substance related family conflicts
      • Mental health family related conflicts
      • ADHD
      • Child court and child protective services evaluations and interventions
      • Family court, dissolution, custody, visitation, paternity evaluations, and interventions.
      • Attorney and Child Custody evaluator consultations and Interventions
      • Referral and coordination with divorce and child custody attorneys

      We have a vast amount of experience working with families to assist in the support of family issues as well as individual family member issues.

      Many families are torn apart by emotional or substance abuse issues and do not know where to turn. It is not enough to simply have one family member in treatment and hope for a positive outcome.

      We intervene in the entire family system to help strip away the damage done by the dynamics associated with emotional and substance problems.

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      Child and family court

      Families undergoing court-related matters, whether child court, involvement with child protective services, or a family court with separation, custody, visitation, or paternity issues, need understanding and help to navigate their way through the complicated legal system.

      Often, one or several family members are required to solve certain problems to satisfy the court’s mandates. We have extensive experience working within the court system and can develop a plan for the family to successfully work through that unique system.

      Attorneys, or child custody evaluating professionals, are frequently faced with emotional issues relating to individuals that are outside the scope of their practice and need to turn to a professional for support in creating solutions that will help move the family along in the process. We provide consultation services to lawyers and child custody evaluators along with ongoing strategic planning to address the problems standing in the way of family reconciliation.

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      Treatment referrals

      Frequently, one or both parents have substance or other addictive problems, or mental health issues that need ongoing management to resolve the underlying separation, custody, or visitation issues. Often families involved in child court or child protective services must fulfill certain requirements or treatments as ordered by the court. We can provide those services.

      We can refer patients to lawyers and work closely with the family or child court as well as treatment centers and parole agents.

      We work with the referring professional to evaluate and manage solutions to the presenting problems.

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      In addition to family-child services we can provide parenting services and education and co-parenting services. We are fully capable of assessing needs and providing treatment options followed by a report or testimony to the court.

      Dr. Halperin and his team have served as consultants to court-related issues and have the experience to help the family resolve ongoing issues that are court related. Our credentials are unquestionable.

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